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What’s Your Resolution? Acupuncture Can Help!

What’s Your Resolution? Acupuncture Can Help!

Do you have resolutions every year and say…”This time, I will do it! This year I will stick to it!” and within a few weeks or months you have, if not flat out given up, just haven’t done all you intended to do. How many of us swear that this year we will get in shape, lose some of that holiday weight, stop smoking, be a better parent, sibling, employee, lover….and not really reach our goals?
Well, don’t beat yourself up! You are not alone! Millions of people struggle with this every year and the main thing most people are missing is some form of support and accountability. It’s easy to say we will do something, but it is easier to accomplish if we have someone to be accountable to and a support system in place to help us.

This is where acupuncture can help. Because acupuncture and oriental medicine are about the WHOLE you, not just the physical you, we can help you in every aspect of your life to help you reach your goals.

Let’s take one of the most common problems and resolutions that people aspire to: losing weight! How can acupuncture help you with that goal you ask? We will discuss a patient and we will call her Tess.

Tess has come in to Infinity Acupuncture complaining about holiday weight gain, feeling sluggish, no energy, no willpower and the inability to get off of carbohydrates and sweets. After she fills out a thorough intake, we talk to her about what is going on with her from a Chinese Medicine perspective and how we can help.

We treat her imbalances with acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling, dietary tracking and lifestyle changes. We have her do a cleanse to help her reset her body. We work with her very closely, monitoring not only the physical manifestations but the mental and spiritual that contribute to her problems. She receives a full system approach that gives her the support and accountability to make the lifestyle changes she needs in order to get well.

Within a few weeks, Tess is already starting to notice a difference. She has more energy, her cravings have diminished and she has lost a few pounds and most of that holiday bloat. She is finding it easier to stay on track with her healthier eating plan. She is doing activities that she enjoys and finds life more fulfilling.She is motivated to keep on doing what she is doing because she feels the best she has felt in years! Acupuncture has given her her life back!

If you would like more information on how Infinity Acupuncture can help you reach your life goals, please contact us at 910-262-1122 or you can schedule an appointment online. Don’t wait! Call us today! Today is a great day to get back on the track to a better, more fulfilling life than you’ve ever dreamed!

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