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What Do I DO with All of this Fresh Food?

Healthy Food

What Do I DO with All of this Fresh Food?

Eating clean does require a little bit more work than eating out of a box, can or jar. But the rewards are immeasurable. You will feel better, have more energy, less pain and see life through a more optimistic lens. The beautiful thing is, eating clean doesn’t require a lot of skill, just willingness.

So you went to the store and bought a bunch of fresh vegetables and now, what do you do with them before they go bad?

Let’s talk about cruciferous vegetables first. Those are the ones like broccoli, cauliflower,brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnips, all the greens (mustard, turnip, collard),kale, radishes, etc. These vegetables benefit your body the most when they are cooked because cooking breaks down the fibers and allows your body to absorb the nutrients more easily. A quick and easy way to preserve flavor and nutrients is to roast them. I roast almost all of my veggies because it’s so quick and easy and tastes so delicious.

Example: Cut broccoli into uniform pieces, (don’t forget to peel the stalk and use the tender part inside!), put in a bowl and toss with some fresh garlic,ginger, kosher salt,pepper and olive oil. (don’t have all of those fresh ingredients? Put them on your list for next time, and for now, simply toss with olive oil, salt and pepper). Place in a preheated 420 degree oven for 20 minutes and presto, delicious broccoli even the pickiest person will eat! Want to bump up the flavor a notch? Toss it with some delicious toasted sesame seed oil to get a bit of Asian flavor going.

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