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Help is Here at Last!

At Infinity Acupuncture, we understand the needs of veterans, and have helped many of them alleviate health issues in which they have had difficulty overcoming through other methods of treatment. Many of our veterans have come into Infinity Acupuncture with pain and problems, which go back twenty years or more. They have given up hope of ever feeling better again, but after several treatments of acupuncture they begin to notice a difference in the way they feel, the way they sleep, their pain levels, their mental outlook, their digestion, and their PTSD, to name a few. The majority of the veterans we have served have had results they never thought possible.

It’s All About You!

At Infinity Acupuncture, we listen to what you tell us and we treat you, the entire person, not just the symptoms. We understand that many of your problems are interconnected and you can’t treat one without addressing the others. As a veteran receiving treatment at Infinity, you can trust that we listen to everything you have to say, and we take it all into account. We treat the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

No Long Wait Times!

We respect your time! We honor your appointment time & we always see you in a timely manner. We value your time as much as we value our own.

Talk to your primary care provider at your local VA clinic today about being referred for fee based, non-VA care for acupuncture. When you get a referral you are pre-approved for a certain number of visits. Call us and we will get you in for treatment as soon as possible. Don’t wait! Your solution is here at Infinity Acupuncture!

Veteran’s Case Studies

Here are a few case studies of veterans that we have helped at Infinity Acupuncture. There are many more and we would love to add your successful outcome to our page!

Case study 1:
54 year old male, chronic back pain for twenty years plus fifty percent PTSD disability, aloof, emotionally guarded, heavy drinker on the weekends.
Four treatments into his ten pre-approved series, back pain is almost gone for the first time in twenty years, is feeling better overall, not drinking as much on the weekends, jokes and laughs with us upon arrival.

Eight treatments and several months into his treatment plan…pain is gone,he is more connected with his family than he has been in years, very little to zero drinking on weekends, his emotions have stabilized. His paranoia has slowly dissipated, and he’s enjoying life in a way he never thought possible.

Case study 2:
42 year old male, presents with chronic low back pain with sharp ice-pick-stabbing pain in right hip with walking, pre-diabetic, overall health and wellness not good.
Six treatments into his ten treatment plan, most of his back pain and all of his hip pain are gone. With nutritional counseling he is eating better, getting off of soda and feeling healthier.
After his tenth treatment he received ten more for pain management spread out over several months. He comes in monthly now to continue to be pain free and feel well. He will hopefully not have to return!

Case study 3:
43 year old female, presents with chronic severe pain in lower back, neck, left shoulder, left ankle and left knee. She had difficulty sleeping, headaches, and digestion issues. She had overwhelming anxiety and emotional stress. Mental stability not great. (PTSD/Depression). After her third treatment she felt well enough to go back to the gym and start working out again. She continues to improve and often comes in with very little pain. The acupuncture has helped her stay calmer, not feel as depressed and unsettled and has helped her sleep better. Digestion improves with encouragement of proper eating habits and treatments. Headaches continue to improve and she has very few of them compared to when she first came in for acupuncture.

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