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The Answer to Anxiety: Acupuncture Helps!

The Answer to Anxiety: Acupuncture Helps!

Anxiety and panic attacks seem to be more and more common these days. The stress of living our busy, hectic, crazy lives is a huge contributor to this problem. Many people are not even aware of how much stress they’re truly under until a panic attack hits out of the blue.  I have had friends and patients tell me they thought they were having a heart attack or they weren’t sure what was happening to them, but they knew something was wrong.

The difficult part about anxiety and panic attacks for most people is that it becomes an ever-widening spiral downhill and they don’t know how to get off the path.  Doctors prescribe medication that can help or hinder the healing process, but the problem with medications is it doesn’t solve the underlying problem of why someone is having panic and anxiety to begin with.

Chinese medicine to the rescue! From a Chinese medicine perspective, anxiety is based in the emotion of fear. Fear is connected to the energetics of Water, which encompasses a wide array of physical and mental aspects of the body.  The umbrella of Water includes but is not limited to the central nervous system, (which includes the adrenals), the reproductive system, bones, kidneys and bladder. The emotional context for Water is Fear and Willpower.  With just this simple understanding of what Water represents, it is easy see how stress can impact these energetics.

When there is too much stress the Water energetics get hit with too much negative energy and not enough positive to balance them out. Then the energy gets depleted and the imbalance causes fear to run rampant and the other emotions to take a back seat.

Acupuncture’s main goal is to bring balance to the body and in that process fear learns to take its rightful place, (which is where we have healthy fear that keeps us safe), and the other emotions take their place, so we can experience them in the manner they were intended. So, you will no longer be ruled by Fear, you will have a healthy balance of Fear, Willpower, Laughter and Joy, Anger and Decision Making Ability, etc. All emotions have their place, the key is to have a healthy balance so you can live your life to the fullest!

If you or someone you know struggles with anxiety or any emotional imbalance, please call us here at Infinity Acupuncture and schedule an appointment. (910-262-1122) . We are located in the middle of Wilmington off of Oleander behind Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. Our address is 4000 Oleander Drive, Suite 2-A, WIlmington NC 28403.  We look forward to helping you!

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