Infinity Acupuncture

Shoulder Pain/Frozen Shoulder

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Is it difficult to lift your arm up to reach something? Is it hard to reach behind your back? Maybe you’re okay unless you attempt to lift something then the pain strikes. Or, if you have frozen shoulder, you can barely move your arm at all!

Did you know acupuncture can help with shoulder pain? The treatment varies according to where the pain is and why, so we look at the trajectory of the pain to determine which channels to treat. We also may utilize liniments, medicated herbal plasters, moxabustion, and electrical stimulation to help clear your shoulder pain.

Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, clearing pain and re-establishing the smooth flow of energy so you have better range of motion and freedom from pain. The first treatment often reduces pain substantially and follow-up treatments solve the pain problem ….in some cases, never to return, in others, there is a need for pain management that can vary depending on the severity of the problem.

Case Study 1

67 year old male diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Unable to lift his arm more than halfway. Difficult case that took multiple treatments with a lot of adjunctive therapies (tuina, moxa, plasters, ROM exercises, estim, etc. ) but after several weeks of treatments he was able to lift his arm and resume normal activities. He now maintains his ROM with occasional treatments and regular massage.

Case Study 2

Torn rotator cuff pain. 35 year old male. 8/10 shoulder pain from torn rotator cuff in left shoulder. Was able to postpone surgery for several years with acupuncture, but eventually had to get surgery because the tear was so severe. Received acupuncture post surgery to help with recovery and pain management. Has complete use of arm and shoulder now.

Case Study 3

Slight tear on right rotator cuff. 55 year old very active male. Unable to push or lift anything straight out in front. Had to stop lifting at the gym and could no longer do pushups or pullups. Highly upset about this turn of events. He received only two acupuncture treatments but was put on a regimen of herbs and plasters that are healing the tear. He is able to lift again and is back in the gym on a regular basis.