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Nutrition plays a huge part in your health and the success of your acupuncture treatments.
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An often neglected part of health care in modern society, it is actually the key component in getting well and staying healthy. The old saying, “You are what you eat”, is never more true than today.

Think about it, the food that you eat transforms in your body to become the cells that make up your lungs, your skin, your hair, your eyes, your muscles, your brain! If you want to feel well, you have to eat food that nourishes your body. In this way, your body can rejuvenate and transform into one of wholeness and wellness. With some helpful direction from acupuncture, healthy eating and movement, before you know it, you will feel like a different person!

Because the foods we eat today are often not as full of the nutrition we need, whole food supplements are often recommended to support your body. (Did you know they have tested oranges that have no vitamin C in them?) Infinity Acupuncture carries a line of whole food nutritional supplements that are made from food grown on an organic farm in Wisconsin. We trust the process and the company because we’ve been there to witness the dedication this company has to supply us with nutrition we can trust.

Often our patients simply do not know where to begin, so we coach them on what to eat, how to eat and offer suggestions on ways to substitute one food for another so patients don’t feel deprived, they feel vital and full of energy. We don’t tell people to  “diet”, something that in the long run is unsustainable and not healthy. We encourage people to enjoy a new way of eating that makes them feel great and not want to go back to their old, unhealthy ways of eating. No deprivation here, only delicious, wholesome food!

We will continue to post blogs and recipes and other healthy eating ideas. If you feel stuck you can look here and gather new information and encouragement to support you on your path to wellness. Our hats are off to you as you begin this amazing journey to a healthier, more vibrant YOU!

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