Infinity Acupuncture

Neck Pain

Do you have a pain in your neck? Is it difficult to turn your head to see behind you when you are backing up the car? Is it painful to look up or down? Do you wake up with your hands and arms tingling because your neck is hurting? Do you have pain that shoots down your neck and across your shoulders?

Did you know that acupuncture can heal neck pain, sometimes in as little as one treatment? We’ve had patients come in telling us their doctor said, “Come back in when you are ready for surgery because there is nothing more I can do to help you.” After several acupuncture treatments, their neck pain is gone!

Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, clearing pain and re-establishing the smooth flow of energy so you have better range of motion and freedom from pain. The first treatment often reduces pain substantially and follow-up treatments solve the pain problem ….in some cases, never to return, in others, there is a need for pain management that can vary depending on the severity of the problem.

Case Study 1:

65 year old male. Stiff neck, very little R.O.M., pain 7/10. First treatment he was here for back pain but mentioned his neck pain so we treated the neck also. 70% reduction in pain and stiffness after first treatment. He was amazed and continues to feel better. Pain management is now once or twice a month treatments to maintain his health and wellness and keep his pain minimal.

Case Study 2:

70 year old male. Severe, stabbing, shooting pain in neck down into shoulder. No relief from anything the doctors gave him. Doctor told him to come back when he was ready for surgery. First treatment he got 80% relief from his pain and it has never come back as bad as it was the first time.