Infinity Acupuncture

Knee Pain

Does it hurt for you to walk? Do you have difficulty climbing stairs because it hurts your knees? Is it hard to stand for any length of time? Do you miss out on activities you used to do because your knees hurt too much?

Acupuncture can help! Knee pain is one of the most common problems treated and the results are quick and painless. When we treat knee problems we look at the underlying problem of what is happening and why you have knee pain. Your treatment time may vary according to how long you have had knee pain and why you have it. Often a treatment that consists of acupuncture along with electrical stimulation (similar to a TENS unit) is used for fastest results.

Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, clearing pain and re-establishing the smooth flow of energy so you have better range of motion and freedom from pain. The first treatment often reduces pain substantially and follow-up treatments solve the pain problem ….in some cases, never to return, in others, there is a need for pain management that can vary depending on the severity of the problem.

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Case Study 1

35 year old Marine getting ready to deploy. Comes in for a treatment for back pain but mentions his knees always hurt too from carrying equipment. We treat his knees also since he is leaving in two days. After he walks out into the lobby he is bouncing around saying he couldn’t believe how much better his knees felt…like he had new knees!

Case Study 2

58 year old woman. Posts knee replacement surgery. Constant swelling and pain in left knee. Treated her with acupuncture, e-stim and topical plasters. Swelling went down and pain diminished considerably.

Case Study 3

72 year old woman. Constant knee pain, especially when climbing stairs. Acupuncture with e-stim cleared the pain. She now comes in for checkups to maintain her knee health and her overall well-being.