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Do you suffer from unremitting pain in various parts of your body with no “real” explanation. Do you struggle with poor sleep and overall fatigue? Do you have brain fog that clouds your thinking? Do the doctors simply shake their head and give you a fibromyalgia diagnosis because they are stumped on how to help you?

Acupuncture can help! Chinese medicine doesn’t diagnose the way Western medicine does so, while Western doctors may not have a clue, Chinese medicine practitioners can immediately see the problem and offer a solution too! Because the lens we use to look at the patient and the body is different, we can see what areas of the body need balancing and restoration and apply different therapies that really work.

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Case study

53 year old woman with fibromyalgia diagnosis for 15 years. Suffering severe pain in neck, traps, elbows, down arms. Can’t open hands, lots of fluid retention. On 2 sleep meds because pain keeps her from sleeping. Severe pain in neck, shoulders, arms, hands. Digestion poor with gas, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, bloating. On five different medications.

She felt much better in her shoulder after the first treatment. After following the dietary recommendations and getting acupuncture within a month she was a different person. Over the next few months she continued to get treatments, quit smoking, got off most of her medications, lost 20 pounds, and started running 5ks! She now only comes in for treatments when she is flared up due to stress or over doing it.