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Cosmetic Rejuvenation

***Limited Time Only*** Introductory Rates for Cosmetic Rejuvenation


Initial Appointment treatment includes a consultation, an energy clearing treatment, and a mini facial treatment.Regular price $200 but a limited time offer of $150!

Follow Up appointments are 1.5 facial treatments regularly $150 but a limited time offer of $120!

Save $220 when you buy a package of eleven 1.5 hour follow up appointments for $1,210, regularly $1,430 when bought together as a package of eleven!


Revitalize your face the natural way with Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Treatments

Are you scared or tired of fillers and botox but want to enhance your face to look your best? Would you like to have fewer wrinkles and more of a natural glow? Would you like those fine lines diminished and deeper lines reduced…naturally? Would you prefer to look like YOU, but better? Then acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatments may be the answer you seek. Acupuncture facial rejuvenation is a process, not a quick fix.

  1. It stimulates the body’s natural healing capabilities to bring circulation and energy to your face.
  2. This circulation and energy improves your skin tone and texture, helps puffiness decrease and fine lines diminish.
  3. Acupuncture improves digestion, immunity and circulation so nutrients are carried to the cells which help stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  4. The needling is also done in a way that improves muscle tone and helps the face “hold itself up” again
  5. The use of extremely fine needles are used to create an improved body response which increases collagen production in the face and neck area
  6. You will have a glow, but you will still look like you!

This is a full body treatment….not simply a “Facial” treatment. Your body constitution has a lot to do with how your face looks and feels, so we will look at all of the underlying causes that may be contributing to how you look and address those problems as well. We do a thorough intake and get your input on what you want to focus on. We can work on crow’s feet (known as stars in our office!), deep creases around the nose and mouth, the neck, the furrowed brow, large pores and droopy eyes. Whatever your complaint, we can probably help!

Are you wondering if this may be the solution you seek for better, more youthful looking skin?

Before you get too excited, you will need to call us to see if you qualify. There are a few people who can not receive this particular type of work because of the energetic effects of bringing so much blood and energy to the face and head. If this happens to be the case for you, regular acupuncture treatments to improve your overall health may be the best place to begin. So call now and let us get you started on the road to the best looking YOU, that you can imagine!

See you soon!

Jaime and Gretchen


The first facial acupuncture treatment I had I could feel a difference in my face. It felt more full and alive. When I looked into the mirror I was so surprised that I couldn’t actually SEE how good it felt, I could only FEEL it at first. I was told that it takes one to three months for collagen production and things to actually SHOW a change, so I tried to be patient. The changes for me were subtle at first: the creases around my nose seemed less severe, the lines at my mouth, the ones they call “marionette lines” (Oh, how I hate that term!), looked a bit better, my skin looked healthier and more full. The biggest surprise was when I looked into the mirror one day and realized the saggy skin under my chin was looking so much better! That was the best!! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell Jaime! It took regular treatments for about two months before I noticed the change in the chin…the rest had begun sooner.

I recommend Jaime hands down! She is kind, gentle and considerate. And, she simply has a great energy about her. I look forward to my treatments and love the way my face looks and feels. Get these treatments! You will not regret it!

Sincerely, G.S.R.