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Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you find it difficult to bend over or turn to one side? Is getting out of bed an ordeal? Is it challenging to stand up from a sitting position? Is it painful to put your socks on? Does it hurt to stand or sit for very long? Are you constantly having to shift position so your back doesn’t spasm? Has your doctor told you that you have herniated discs or spinal stenosis? Have you had multiple back surgeries and still suffer from back pain?

Acupuncture can help! No matter what the diagnoses is from your doctor, acupuncture can help relieve back pain in most cases. We’ve had many people come in that said pain medications were not helping and the doctor could not do anything more to help besides surgery and we have been able to help them get pain free. We may use acupuncture, e-stim, moxabustion, liniments, plasters and massage to help heal your back.

Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, clearing pain and re-establishing the smooth flow of energy so you have better range of motion and freedom from pain. The first treatment often reduces pain substantially and follow-up treatments solve the pain problem ….in some cases, never to return, in others, there is a need for pain management that can vary depending on the severity of the problem.

Stop suffering! Call today to schedule your treatment for relief from back pain! Call 910-262-1122 or you can schedule online here.

Case Study 1

95 year old World War II veteran with spinal stenosis and severe back pain. His daughter brought him in for his first treatment because he was using a cane and walker. He was discouraged and depressed because he was still alive and couldn’t do anything because of his back pain. After several acupuncture treatments, he is much better! Now, weather permitting, he plays golf every week. He drives himself to his acupuncture appointments and feels like he has a life again. It is very special to see him pull up and come into the office with no help and a smile on his face.

Case Study 2

35 year old male. Severe back pain. Diagnosed with herniated disc. Could barely move. Two acupuncture treatments and he was fine. Has not been back in in over 3 years.

Case Study 3

28 year old female. Severe low back pain from a car accident. Can only come in for treatments occasionally due to distance, but acupuncture with moxabustion and cupping keeps her pain minimal and manageable between treatments.

Case Study 4

36 year old female. Severe back pain and spasms from a car accident the year before she came in for treatment. Doctors had tried everything and when she came in she was desperate for relief. Back was spasming the entire left side from the left hip to the shoulder. Three treatments and the back spasms calmed down enough to get her out of her worst pain. Several more treatments and she was 90% pain free.