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Back Pain- The Root of it All

Back Pain- The Root of it All

What is the cause of back pain from a Chinese Medicine perspective? There are many different reasons why someone may have back pain. Western medicine may use terminology such as ruptured discs, bulging discs, muscle spasms, etc. In Chinese Medicine pain is caused by stagnation of energy. We look at where the pain begins and radiates to to help determine which energetic channel may be “stuck” and often treat along that channel. Not only may you have points chosen locally (where the pain is located), but distal points are used to help “pull” the stagnation (hence the pain) away and out of the body.

So it is not uncommon if you have pain in your low back, to have points treated on your lower leg and ankles. Other points are chosen to help support and nourish your body’s energy to help you heal and feel better faster. Moxa may be used to further add energy and support the healing process. Cupping is used to draw out stagnation from deep within the body so it can be dispersed and pain relieved. Massage may be used to pinpoint locations of pain and relieve sore muscles and spasms.

Some or all of these techniques may be employed here at Infinity Acupuncture in Wilmington, N.C. to help you heal and feel your best. Please call us or go online to schedule your appointment. Why suffer when there is a solution! Acupuncture can help!

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