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Anxiety-Panic Relief


Do you often struggle with feeling completely overwhelmed and that life is too much to handle? When these feelings strike, do you get heart palpitations, tightness of the chest,  difficulty breathing, tingling in the extremities or ever feel like you can’t breathe at all? Do you develop muscle tension that causes extreme headaches and suffer from stress and irritability?

Did you know acupuncture is nature’s natural xanax? Acupuncture provides a safe, all natural way to treat anxiety by calming the nervous system and allowing your mind to stop racing and your heart to stop pounding. It works on the nervous system by taking you out of Sympathetic Nervous System response (Fight or Flight) and into the Parasympathetic Nervous System Response (Rest and Restore).

The treatment for anxiety is simple, effective and fast. Call us today 910.262.1122 or schedule online. Don’t let the anxiousness overtake your life any longer. Reach out and get relief from your anxiety today!

See our testimonial video about a patient who suffered from severe anxiety.

Case Study 1

32 year old woman. Severe anxiety with heart palpitations. Extreme stress at work and at home. Had trouble breathing and doctor had put her on a heart medication for the heart palpitations in addition to other drugs. She did not want to be on the medications if possible. After several treatments her anxiety had calmed down considerably. After two months she was able to get off of the heart medication.

Case Study 2

73 year old man had anxiety following a mini-stroke. Doctors found nothing wrong with his heart but the experience had left him anxious and unsettled and he couldn’t shake it. He was having trouble sleeping at night and being able to meditate during the day. We added the anti-anxiety treatment protocol to his treatment plan and within a few treatments he felt much better, was able to sleep better and was calmer during the day. (He’s the one who coined the term “Nature’s Xanax” for this treatment.)