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Acupuncture Could Be The Best Gift For The Holidays!

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Acupuncture Could Be The Best Gift For The Holidays!

Oh, the holidays, a time of joy for so many, and a time of deep despair for others.  If the winter season coupled with the holidays has a tendency to depress you rather than fill you with joy, you are not alone.  Add in fewer daylight hours and the frantic pace of preparing for the holidays, and anyone can be overwhelmed.

Although most people now know that acupuncture can help them with pain relief, many do not understand how much acupuncture can help with mental issues. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, to name a few, can all be treated with acupuncture. You get great results and no side effects like so many psychiatric medications have.

There are many research articles that explain how effective acupuncture is for depression and anxiety, so I won’t quote them here, but I can tell you of my experience with several of my patients.

One young man came in who had been suffering from depression for several years and his family was extremely worried about him. He started feeling better within a couple of treatments and soon did not have to come in at all except for the occasional “tune-up” treatment.

Another lady I worked with had extreme panic attacks and was getting ready to go out of town. She was afraid to go, even though it was a fun trip, because she was afraid she would have a panic attack while out with friends. She had to leave for the trip after just one treatment, but when she came back in for her follow-up, she told me she was able to have a great time. She only felt panicky once and was able to control it with some deep breathing as we had discussed. She responded so well to acupuncture that she now only comes in for her regular “tune-up” treatments too.

Another patient came in who wasn’t really getting treated for emotional issues, she had shoulder pain. But after a couple of treatments she came in and said, “You know, this acupuncture has taken the”edge” off of things for me. I used to be the person who would blow up at anything and everything and now I just stay calm ….it is SO different for me!”

Does everyone respond as quickly as these examples? No, of course not. The longer you have struggled, the more medications you are on,  your age and other medical history will have a direct effect on your number and length of treatments.

If the season has you feeling dark instead of bright, please consider coming in for acupuncture. It can help make your life a bit brighter and better, just when you need it the most!

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