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Welcome! I’m Gretchen Rivas, owner of Infinity Acupuncture. I first received acupuncture 10 years ago for front hip pain that just wouldn’t go away and seemed to have no source. That healed and I went on living my life as a massage therapist, business owner of Relax! Massage Therapy and a part-time instructor at Miller Motte College. One of the classes I was asked to teach was Energetics. This included the basics of Chinese Medicine and other energy-based modalities. Of course, I had to learn the basics of Chinese Medicine in order to teach it and that was what really tweaked my interest in becoming an acupuncturist! The more massages I did, the more I realized, “If I knew how to do acupuncture, I could help people heal at an even deeper level.”

With over 6 years as a massage therapist, and a BS in Business from the University of South Carolina I enrolled in the Masters of Acupuncture Program at Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, NC. The program at Jung Tao is different from traditional acupuncture schools in that we learned the concepts of Chinese Medicine on a deeper level, studying in the lineage of one of the world’s great masters of acupuncture, Nguyen Van Nghi. Whereas the majority of schools of Chinese Medicine devote more time to herbal medicine we spent the entire four years going deeper and deeper into the science and art of Chinese Medicine; what does health look like from a Chinese Medicine perspective, how does a lack of health manifest and how do we use acupuncture to help the person return to health? Also at Jung Tao, we spent three years learning Yang style Tai Ji Chuan, according to Zheng Man Ching. After three years of intensive study, we spent a year in clinic, practicing on patients that drove from miles around to come to the clinic.

officeThe beauty of it all is people got well! They would come in as train wrecks; physically, mentally and emotionally at the end of their ropes and they would return to health! People in pain could walk again, move again, have a life again! People that were depressed and anxious walked out feeling better and happier. Over and over I treated people who thought there was no hope for their situation and they left with hope in their soul and more spring in their step.

I practice acupuncture because I love seeing people get well and return to the health that has eluded them for years. It is one of the safest ways to heal; no drugs, no surgery, just a few needles, some moxa or cupping and amazing things begin to happen! So, come see me soon, the sooner the treatment the faster the healing! Can’t wait to help you be your best!

Hi my name is Jamie! I am a newcomer to North Carolina and have been graciously welcomed by the Infinity family. I am a native New Yorker where I attended NY College for Health Professions, and earned my Masters degree in Acupuncture.

My journey to Eastern medicine was fueled by my daughter’s long-term struggle with chronic pain. It was Western medicines’ utter failure to diagnose and treat my daughter that led me to Chinese medicine. I knew there had to be some alternative to surgery, or a lifetime of prescription medication. I was desperate to find a more natural and holistic approach. Chinese medicine’s use of tiny needles to harness the body’s own power and energy to heal itself was our answer.

I have been fortunate to study different styles of Chinese medicine including Korean, Japanese, and traditional Chinese. I have incorporated this knowledge to develop a very gentle style of practice. I believe even the most needle phobic patient can relax and benefit from the incredible healing acupuncture can provide.

I am certified in facial rejuvenation, which includes facial acupuncture, cupping, and guasha. I would love to share this restorative treatment that can relax your body and bring a remarkable glow to your skin. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how facial acupuncture can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the quality of your skin. Regardless of you’re past skin concerns, facial acupuncture and cupping are extremely effective to bring out the very best you to enjoy, and rejoice in.

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Hello! My name is Jennifer Foltz. I have over 20 years of office and accounting experience.

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Hello! My name is Temple.

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fifel Woof Woof! My name is Fifel and I am the company mascot-greeter. You will usually see me come out into the lobby and say hello when you arrive. People often wonder why I am so well behaved around people and it’s because I started helping when I was a puppy.

My mom used to have her massage office at our house and when I was a puppy she tried crate training at first. Well, that didn’t last for long, she couldn’t stand to hear me cry, even though I was on the other side of the house! So, she started bringing me into the massage room with her and I would crawl under the couch and go to sleep. Most people wouldn’t even remember I was in the room until the massage was over and I would crawl back out. Over time, I learned to greet the clients when they came in and with some I even got up on the table with them if they wanted me to.

I still do that today at the new office, greet people and help them feel comfortable about being here. I got my Therapy Dog Certification so I am certified to go visit people in other places too. If you need some extra comfort while you are here, just ask! I can help!